(More categories will be added as needed)

Writing, Worldbuilding, and Related Stuff

General - A site of writing, worldbuilding, roleplaying, and many other things.


Reddit - /r/worldbuilding - An entire subreddit dedicated to most things worldbuilding. I recommend you to also check out their list of resources.

Random Generators

( (listed earlier) has random generators, but they're not that difficult to find)
Seventh Sanctum
Fantasy name generators - As the name says, it's mainly oriented towards fantasy name generators, but the site also has many other various random generators, and some guides to various stuff. 


SpaceEngine - A "game" (if you can even call it one) in the category of a space exploration/simulation game. However, it doesn't run well on potatoes.

Orbital Vector - If you flick your scroll wheel twice, you'll see the main part of the website: the speculative technology database.

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